Please visit the Schedule page.
No, alcohol is prohibited at the ViVa! Vienna! Festival
Dogs and other pets are HIGHLY DISCOURAGED but are not prohibited. The festival grounds will be very crowded and not comfortable for animals. All dogs must be on leash at all times.
Any lost and found items are held at the Information Booth beside the Freeman House. Please email up to two weeks after the show to inquire if an item has been turned in.
Please visit the Entertainment page for rides and prices.
There is no admission charge for the Vendor area. Please visit the Entertainment page to purchase tickets for entertainment and rides.
See our Entertainment page.
Viva! Vienna! is held rain or shine. In the rare event of severe weather, the festival rides may close temporarily and then re-open. Umbrellas, ponchos etc. are good to have on hand.
The rides ticket booth accepts MasterCard, Visa and Amex. Individual booth vendors have their own policies on accepting credit cards.
Yes, Navy Federal Credit Union will have an ATM for your convenience in front of the Freeman House on Church Street.
The festival is organized by The Rotary Club of Vienna, a non-profit organization. Learn more about us at
The best way to reach us is e-mail at See the Contact Us page for other, slower ways to reach us.


Directions/Parking/Shuttle Services


Please visit the Map & Directions page.
Yes, please visit the Parking & Shuttle Services page.
Yes, please visit the Parking & Shuttle Services page.




10 ft x 10 ft (a booth is defined as marking on the pavement) [vp14].
No, we only provide the space. However, you can rent your tent and tables from any provider. In Vienna, Brooke Rental Center (703-938-4807) provides this service. Your tent and tables can be set up for you before you arrive. [vp15]

No electricity is provided. No generators are permitted, except for Food Vendors (see next paragraph.) Batteries and solar power devices are permitted. No electrical cords may be placed across any street. Electrical cords may be placed from behind your booth to a building behind your booth if: You have permission from the building owner The cords are for outdoor use The cords are covered with a rubber cover over sidewalks to prevent a tripping hazard (not just duct tape or other tape). [vp16]

Food Vendors must obtain advance approval of the Food Vendor Chairman if they want to use a generator. Food Vendors agree to assume all liabilities for damages caused by their use of a generator. [vp17]

The sale of live animals is prohibited. The sale of anything that shoots a projectile of any sort is prohibited. No food for consumption at the festival can be sold or given away unless you are specifically a Food Vendor and pay the higher Food Vendor booth rate. However, a Vendor desiring to provide free food samples is required to comply with Fairfax County Regulations Regarding Food Samples at Vendor Booths. A temporary permit and a fee is required. Refer our Vendor Policies and these Fairfax County websites for additional requirements:
There are several hotels and motels in the area. The closest motel is Vienna Wolftrap Motel (703-281-2330). There is no overnight camping permitted in the Festival area or in any of the Vendor parking lots. You may not sleep in your vehicle or in your booth. [vp31]
There will be no rain date or refunds made in case of rain, bad weather, or unforeseen emergencies. In case of inclement weather, emergency, or safety contingency beyond the control of the Festival Committee, the Festival will be closed for the necessary time until conditions allow reopening. Any decision to close or cancel the Festival for the day or the remainder of the Festival rests solely with the Festival General Chairman. [vp32]
If a Vendor cancels their application prior to April 1, the fee will be refunded less a $50 processing fee. If a Vendor cancels their application April 1 or later, there is no refund. Once your application is cancelled, your booth will be reassigned to others. [vp3]
Overnight security is provided Saturday and Sunday nights. The Viva! Vienna! Committee encourages Vendors not to leave cash or valuables. The Viva! Vienna! Committee is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen articles. [vp34]
It depends on your booth space location. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your booth space assignment with check-in time and set-up procedures when your registration is confirmed. It is important that you check-in at the assigned time. [vp10/11/12]
No, not during the festival hours.
No, we invite all artists, resellers, service providers, political, religious, cultural, civic and community organizations to participate in ViVa! Vienna! festival. [vp5]
Vendors may not solicit, approach Festival attendees, or distribute literature outside of their assigned booth space. [vp21]
Only one vehicle per Vendor, at a time, will be allowed into the Festival grounds during set-up. After one vehicle is unloaded, you may bring a second vehicle. Vendors shall unload their vehicles, leave the Festival Grounds to park it, and then return on foot to set up their booth. [vp11] Vendors are requested to show up at different times in order to keep the traffic moving and allow each vendor access to their space in a timely fashion in order to set up.
Vendors will be directed to designated parking areas after they unload. [vp29] For visitors please see our Parking & Shuttle Services page.
When you register online, your credit card will be charged If there is a problem, Viva! Vienna! will contact you directly. Viva! Vienna! will notify you if your application is accepted. If it is not accepted, you will receive a full refund. Once booth assignments are made, you will receive an email from Viva! Vienna! notifying you of your booth number and additional vendor information. You can also Log In to the Vendors area of the web site to see the status of your application and booth assignment.
We send out four mailers throughout the year in order to remind vendors to register. We send the mailer to everyone on our mailing list. We ask you to ignore the mailer or pass it on to a friend if you have already registered.
The Viva! Vienna! Committee does not guarantee exclusivity of products or services that will be at the Festival. Viva! Vienna! is not a juried Festival. The Viva! Vienna! Committee reserves the right to place Vendors in any booth location in the Festival. Vendors may be placed adjacent to near another vendor who provides the same or similar product or service.
All applications shall be made via the website. Applications will be accepted starting on July 1. [vp2]
The best way to reach us is e-mail at registration at


Church Street Merchants


Church Street merchants may register for one vendor booth space at a discounted fee for the festival, but we cannot guarantee that the booth space will be directly in front of their business. To request a booth space the Church Street merchant should apply for a booth and select “Church Street merchant” as vendor type. We will attempt to assign a booth space as near the merchant’s place of business as possible. The merchant must agree to use the booth space for sale of their products or services and must agree to staff their booth during festival exhibit hours.
We cannot guarantee that there will be an opening in front of each Church Street merchant requesting booth space. We try to place frequent openings to allow access to the sidewalk so that attendees can easily reach businesses that might be open for business on Sunday and holiday Monday (Memorial Day) of the festival.
The festival staff only block off Church Street on Sunday and Monday, and cars are not allowed on the street, so a “No Parking” sign would not apply to customers in cars.
The best way to reach us is e-mail at See the Contact Us page for other, slower ways to reach us.